Wipe-Out ULCER Permanently Within 7Days – 14Days Max

This Natural Herbal Treatment Has Proven To Completely Wipe-out Ulcer If Taken Quarter Glass 3Times Daily For A Week

In A Study – It Was Given To 100 Patients & 81 of Then Got Healed In A Week

Say A Forever Bye-Bye To All Kinds Of Stubborn Stomach ULCER

FACTS: 10 Out Every 13 Patients That Has Allow Their Peptic Ulcer Result To Perforated Stomach Ulcer Dies Within 30 Days

Perforation is a rarer complication of stomach ulcers is the lining of the stomach splitting open, known as perforation.

This is very serious because it enables the bacteria that live in the stomach to escape and infect the lining of the abdomen (peritoneum).

Peptic ulcer perforation is well recognized as a cause of peritonitis and results in death

That’s when someone just bleeds & dies 


The Goodnews is you don’t have to allow your ulcer aliment to kill you.

Maybe in the past you’ve looked for solution & couldn’t find, you’ve wasted money & all


You won’t have to spend any more DIME on anything ULCER Treatment Ever-Again After Going Through This Pag


You can start enjoying & eating back those your Favorite Spicy & Hot Meals

Watch This Video –

This Is How This CurUlcer In 7Days Treatment Works

Now, Continue reading to uncover all about this ULCER WIPER.

But firstly…

I Want You To Know These Things…

» That you eat every 2 hour to 3 hours – so the worms in your stomach doesn’t get hungry & start attacking your stomach…

» Drinking several bottles of milk, yoghurt, ginger, garlic, honey, aloe vera or even unripe plantain so the pain goes away…

» Running away from spicy hot meals…

» Or Always rushing off to pharmacy, getting a pain relief tablet and swallowing when the pain begins…

All these above aren’t EVER going to cure or heal your stomach ulcer.

Here are…

Two of the most important thing to know…

You don’t get Ulcer because you didn’t eat well

You could have gotten it from:

1). A bacterium. Helicobacter pylori bacteria commonly live in the mucous layer that covers and protects tissues that line the stomach and small intestine.

Often, the H. pylori bacterium causes no problems, but it can cause inflammation of the stomach’s inner layer, producing an ulcer.

It may be transmitted from person to person by close contact, such as kissing.

People may also contract H. pylori through food and water.

2). Regular use of certain pain relievers. 

Taking aspirin, as well as certain over-the-counter and prescription pain medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ,

can irritate or inflame the lining of your stomach and small intestine.

These medications include ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox DS, others), ketoprofen and others. They do not include acetaminophen (Tylenol, others).

You See…

These are how ULCER comes & works,

And all mentioned above aren’t ways  to cure OR heal it

You’re taking a risk with the situation, which is more deadly than the Ulcer itself.

Because it could lead to more deadly & serious complications like

⊗ Internal bleeding: Bleeding can occur as slow blood loss that leads to anemia or as severe blood loss that may require hospitalization or a blood transfusion. Severe blood loss may cause black or bloody vomit or black or bloody stools.

⊗ A hole (perforation) in your stomach wall:  Peptic ulcers can eat a hole through (perforate) the wall of your stomach or small intestine, putting you at risk of serious infection of your abdominal cavity (peritonitis).

⊗ ObstructionPeptic ulcers can block passage of food through the digestive tract, causing you to become full easily, to vomit and to lose weight either through swelling from inflammation or through scarring.

⊗ Gastric cancer: Studies have shown that people infected with H. pylori have an increased risk of gastric cancer.

Hundreds of Ulcer patients living a daily life of agonizing pain – with so many trying to solve it by them self

Imagine yourself also trying to manage your ULCER aliment by your self only for you to make it worst to GASTRIC CANCER or PERFFORATED ULCER –DEATH

I know you will be asking, -This CurUlcer In 7 Days, What’s the guarantee that it works?

The major component of CurUlcer Herbs has proven in the past & even still now to HEAL ULCER in 7/8 Days

This isn’t that one they tell you to buy, telling you their product works wonder, bla bla bla blu ba… (But only calms it for a while & starts again)

No! CurUlcer is a PERMANENT CURE

CurUlcer: 7Days Ulcer Cure Natural Herbs Mixed Treatment Drink

From: Herbal Dr. Abumchukwu

For Over 40years…

Herbal Dr. Abumchcukwu have been in the business of natural treatment with the use of herbs & roots.

She inherited from of linage of herbalist.

Her father being the greatest of his time from a village in anambra state call ABAGANA

She have treated & still treat other ailment like

– Miscarriage

– Barrenness 

– Impotent

– Fibroid 

– Stroke

– Elephantiasis

– Cancer

– Poision 



I want to share with you a quick story of one of Herbal Dr Abuchukwu Ulcer Patient Story…


I know this story because, I’m her SON

My Name Is PETER

I have watched Dr Abumchukwu heal all kinds of sickness since my childhood till now

She basically goes into the bush & comes out with herbs – boom… the person starts taking it & in few days heals

Since I was a kid, she have always told me I will inherit it from her which I always fought back telling her I want a different life (I can not come and be doing herbs na – as in herbalist)

Mr Umeh Charles’s Story

He narrated his worst experience to us when he came 

He was brought by Mr Donatus who was treated of Elephantiasis in 2015.

Mr Donatus has been a family friend since then after he was healed – because he was very wealthy & have tried everything

Until he got healed by Dr Abumchuwku, he visits from time to time bring gifts & monetary appreciation

He brought Mr Umeh Charles

As he narrates his painfulagonizing & wasteful experience with ulcer

It was Monday morning, preparing to go to my shop for business of the day

I felt that agonizing sharp pain again in my upper abdomen followed by severe heartburn.

Oh God!

What did I eat now?

I was asking myself while rushing to the fridge to get cold water at least used it to calm it down at that moment

And last week – I just spent 49K for Terminate Ulcer Wiper Product Online

The truth is that i have spent so much more on ulcer treatment – like (Closs to a Million if not over)

It was affecting my whole family, my wife and kids – what’s happening to daddy (hope it’s not spiritual now)

They began asking that question

Because I started loosing weight due to not eating – I’m always afraid of eating because the pain will become worst.

Every night I beg god that the night pain doesn’t kill & every morning I pray just to survive that day…

It was a hell of experience.

On March 2018, My wife & I travelled from Anambra To Abuja to meet a specialist.

You know how it is with all those doctors, consultation fee 40K –  I paid

Your case is a serious peptic ulcer & you already got hole in your stomach – I can’t assured you it will disappear but you can manage it…

The doctor told me.

He prescribed I should buy Omeprazole & Gestid

I was just battered because I expected a magic that will set me free

After that journey…

Two weeks passed still in agonizing pain, my wife, in-laws & friends…

Everyone started helping me look for solution and giving suggestions

One evening my wife came back and told be about someone who people told her specializes in ulcer treatment…

We went to see him the next day.

After narrating my story to him – he was like “That one na small case na” i had hope with the way he assured me that he has treated more severe case than this.

So, we paid him 45K & collected his herbal medicine.

I must confess – i was feeling a bit better until i took Pineapple & Some Orange (everything scatter again).

All the pains came back with serious heartburn…

I stopped buying anything – like i have literary drank everything 7 anything because of this ulcer

I have even drank charcoal & red oil.

Smelling plantain soaked

I was just at the stage where – anything that wants to happen let it happen.

Not until one day, men where gathered in the market place that evening as we were all discussing politics & football…

Then, I mentioned about my ulcer, Mr Donatus was there with us.

Thanks to him – he told me he knows someone & brought me to you ma’am

My part of the story…

So, I was there and after he narrated his story.

Dr Abumchukwu (My Mother) being honest with him told him

“Don’t you know that healing you completely will mean no more MONEY & BUSNIESS to the big pharmacy guys, doctors & online sellers?”

If they all heal you completely – you won’t come back – even your car mechanic does that to you too.

Mr Umeh Charles was just looking at her in wow!

She continued…

You see, this is the secret in the health industry.

If people that are crazily in it for the money heals you completely the first time you come & does the same for everybody – they will run out off business.

That’s why your suffered a lot.

But, don’t worry…

Mr Donatus briefed me about your case before you came.

She brought out a 1litre gallon of an already prepared herbs & gave him & told him to go.

Take this – go home & drink quarter glass cup of it 3 times daily

Also, you wife should write this things down – buy then & blend out the juice

Drink it also, full glass cup everyday from the 8th day to another 7days.

Take my number & call me a 2week later after you’re HEALED – (Take Pineapple & Orange again after that to confirm).

He was looking at her in wow! are you for real?

You mean we should go?

She smiled and nodded, I also smiles & walked them out.

I said to the wife, don’t worry your husband is HEALED already – my mother cares more about ending your agonizing pain and torments than the money.

They thanked me and left.

Fast-forward to 2 weeks later

Mr Umeh Charles story continues 

The pains was NO MORE, but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t FALSE.

I had to eat so many of my favorite things (Spicy Vegetable Soup & Egusi Soup).

To my surprise, Nothing…

I said I should wait for few hours after to still reconfirm.

I was just all anxious through out that day – it’s like I was listening to my body to see the pains again 

I was looking forward to the HEARTBURN, TUMMY PAIN, HEAVY BREATHING, but to my shock…

It all was GONE.


So, I picked my phone and called DR ABUMCHUKWU, I couldn’t thank her enough.

I got home from work that day and was so happy hugging my wife.

We went to visit Dr Abumchukwu the next day – I was so overwhelmed that I gave her 100k

And, I will always be forever grateful to her for this.

Every aliment can be treated – you just have to meet who is genuine & really wants to help.

CurULCER Herbal Mixture

For All Kinds Of Chronic Ulcer That Have Refused To Heal

Take Quarter Glass Cup 3 Times Daily

This comes with our Backup Guarantee manual…

This comes with our Backup Guarantee manual…

It’s so annoying when you buy product online only for you to need it again & still buys it expensive.

Or, Maybe you need to buy it 4 to 5 times to see result.

No, With CurUlcer – Its ONE-TIME

We will give you the Wipe Out Ulcer Juice Manual you prepare this at home to start drinking from the 8th day

You won’t ever need in this life to buy anything ulcer treatment after this.

Start Eating Those Your Favorite Food & Meals You Use To Avoid From 15th Day

If you follow everything properly & still feels pain from day 16th…

Chat me on WhatsApp personally & I will REFUND you without questions.

When you fill the form to place Order – You will be directed to my WhatsApp page

Make sure to chat me up so we can start in touch throughout your treatment.

Can Be Taken By Everyone: Kids, Pregnant Woman, Old & Young People

Amazing Results From Happy Customers

Price & What You’ll Get

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Instead of paying 40K, we will save you N18,500 & you will still get the complete treatment with life time backup guarantee.

You see…

We’ll waybill it down to your state – (which will cost likely 3k-4k).

Get a dispatch rider to deliver you so you can make payment on delivery – (which is also likely to cost us 4k-5k).

With the current scarcity of FuelMoney not in circulationNaira being sold – people using 3k to withdraw 10k at POS

It cost us 8k-10K on logistics to get it to you so you can pay on delivery.

So, take this opportunity now the price is @21,500


Because no business will continue to offer their product at a price that doesn’t profit them.

Price Goes Back To 40K Without Notice To You – Very Soon


You Can contact Us @ 07059923403 For Other Inquires


At this moment you’re still on this page – you know you aren’t readyyou don’t have the money to pay for it yet

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It costs on so much to advertise – don’t waste it for us if you aren’t ready

Remember: This is what you will get 

1 – Gallon of CurUlcer Complete Treatment Dose For 7 Days


The Wipe Ulcer Juice Out Home Preparation Manual (This manual is to make sure you don’t ever need to buy any ulcer treatment ever again in your life.

Price – N21,500

We’ll waybill down to your state, Our delivery person will pick it up & deliver to you (YOU PAY ON DELIVERY)


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